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August 07, 2010


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What about the HPV vaccine and boys? States are now requiring this for boys too.

I am doing a paper on this vaccine it has been hard to find negative info from the government sources.I also have an 11 year old daughter . Thank you I feel like you saved her life. Thank you for taking the time to care.

Dr. Clark

Thank you for bringing this information to the attention of your readers. Unfortunately many parents will not hear your message nor understand it before it is too late for their child.

Having studied vaccine damage as a parent extensively for more than a decade I fully believe that vaccines can and do trigger severe immune responses/auto immune diseses such as MS and Arthritis(all forms) the list of these diseases goes on it is enormous.. not only from the pathogens -that is- virus or bacteria in the vaccines but also from the various vaccines other ingredients some of which I know are not listed because the manufacurers do not have to list everything they use!!! this whole issue beggars belief.. I think perhaps carefull attention to Diet plays a part in the recovery (partial or full) of vaccine damaged victims-ie:Gluten is thought to be a big player (though may not be alone) in MS symptoms; as is Gluten, MSG casein, etc etc in autistic symptoms...? Apart from the damage vaccine pathogens can do IS the Human body recognising vaccine ingredients and this recognition induces the attack? what about the damage the heavy metals and chemicals in vaccines can do also?
It's a travesty when will the powers that be put people before profit and find out the real facts?

I too... Thank you Dr.Clark...

for speaking up and educating the public about this horrific vaccine...

Thank you Dr.Clark

for speaking up and educating the public about this horrific vaccine.I agree with you 100%.

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