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April 21, 2010


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My daughter has had chronic pain since she got the series of Gardasil shots over four years ago. She used to be on the go from morning til night. The pain started with stomach pain and has since spread throughout her body. It is heartbreaking going from doctor to doctor and finding no way to help her . This vaccination needs to be either taken off the market or people need to be warned about all the girls who have been injured by Gardasil.

In a nutshell Gardasil has ruined my life. I was a healthy 23 year old until the day I decided to listen to my pushy gyno and take the shot. That was probably the worst decision ever. After having the set of 3 shots I began to have days where I couldnt get out of bed. All of a sudden I didnt care to go to class (which was completely opposite of what I believed) I began to sweat profusely anytime I had even the slightest anxiety. (i mean soaking wet sweating within a minute) Til this day anytime I get nervous or anxious it happens. Ive had a foggy mind and I just down right dont feel good EVER! My once completely normal menstral cycles have now turned into one every 4-5 months if I am lucky. Doctors have told me that I have hormonal imbalances and most likely will not be able to conceive. (I havent gotten to the pt of accepting it) Not to mention the weight gain, the constantly burning of the soles of my feel, dry eyes, acne- the list goes on. I am no longer the same person and I constantly have a feeling of something is wrong within my body.


2. If you or a loved one has had adverse effects please take 5 mins and PLEASE REPORT it to The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) : https://vaers.hhs.gov/esub/index

It is all making sense to me...I didn't start to have "brain fog" "blurred vision" "dizziness" until i had this vaccine. They pushed it on me since I am in the Navy. I am going to a vestibular specialist, opthamologist, and getting an MRI of my brain. I feel so weird sometimes...like some days I am not the same person. WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO???????????? I never should have gotten this vaccine....I don't know what to do. I feel helpless.

I got full course of HPV vaccine Gardsil in 2006 , since than my health got destroyed step, by step. I never had any problems with my health before, but now I am sick, stuck in the house. I inquired ,so call autoimmune disease . If any one can help me! One advise, do not get this vaccine!

My daughter received the the vaccine and shortly after I noticed a bald spot iin her haiir she since has lost 70%.of her hair this has ruiend her life.she is always tierd and depressed. Will her hair ever grow normal again..

My daughter took one shot on 10.15.10. 19 yrs old now, has occasional strokelike symptoms, numbness in face, left arm, hand. Also has occasional hand tremors. Just met 2nd time with family Dr. he ordered a CAT brain scan today to eliminate tumors etc.

If that scan is clean, what would you recommend as the next step for treatment, and will the symptoms subside over time? Seem to be happening about every 6 weeks or so. She is also on Loestrin 24 which has states similar symptoms as sde effects.

Thank You..Jon Winteregg

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