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December 01, 2009


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I have twin girls that both have autoimmune problems. My oldest twin has hypothyroidism, has had ITP where her spleen was eating all of her platelets, her autoimmune attacked her mucas glands, and now her bones in her feet have grown so crooked that she is going to have to have surgery when she is fifteen to correct them after her growth plates have stopped growing. Her twins autoimmune attacked her pancreas and she now has type 1 diabetes. Not only is it strange enough to me that these two of my children out of five are the only ones in our family with these autoimmune problems other than me having the hypothyroidism myself. But we met a girl in our small town that was born on the same day and year by the same Dr only an hour or so apart and her autoimmune attacked her and she also has type 1 diabetes. I guess my question is could there have been something wrong with the immunizations they received at that hospital at the same time? I would love to know if anymore children that were born on that day or around have any trouble with their autoimmune systems. But i know i would never be able to find that out. I just hope they dont continue to have problems with this. The oldest has had several different things and i worry there will be more. And my little diabetic bless her heart she doesn't want it anymore. And it breaks this mothers heart when she comes ti me and says i just want to be me again and normal. If i could just go back to the day before i found out I had diabetes I would eat everything that i can't have now. :( i want so much to take it from her.

Thanks for listening

Dr. Clark, this is the exact argument I want to pose to my pediatrician against further vaccinations for my son who has autism (more and more studies are finding autism is a form of autoimmune dysfunction)! So thank you.

"Autoimmune conditions can be helped--without medications.
But you’ve got to do the right things."
Along that line of approach, I have started my son on Bovine Colostrum. It has been shown to both regulate an over-active immune system and boost an under-active immune system. I've been giving it to him for under a month, and I have been seeing some moderate improvements in his behavior already.

Dr Clark- I'm really enjoying reading through all your archives. Vaccines are a subject that I'm really interested in as the mother of a 3 yer old and a 5 month old. My oldest has only received 2 vaccines in his life and the baby has not been immunized. I always feel like I don't know what to do. As you know, I have hashimoto's and meniere's so there's likely a predisposition for autoimmune conditions in my family. How to know how to act with a child? And if we decide to vaccinate, what should we do to not tip the immune system over the edge? Glutathione? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Aran

Here is a link to more information about the genetics of Autoimmune Conditions that was prepared by our genetic counselor and which has links to some useful resource for those dealing with this condition: http://www.accessdna.com/condition/Autoimmune_Conditions/50. There is also a number listed for anyone who wants to speak to a genetic counselor by phone. I hope it helps. Thanks, AccessDNA

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