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December 02, 2009


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I have fibro, a 14-year old daughter with anger issues, and a 7-year old daughter who refuses to learn to read (her teachers say there is nothing wrong with her such as dyslexia). Could we be over stimulated by electronics... I admit that I have used the TV as a babysitter, since I am alone with them, and am not able to interact as much as I would like. I would also like to know if you take medicaid, since I live in Dallas, and would like to visit your practice.Thank you.

Specifically, high frequency stimulation (more quickly flashing, pulsing, beating) will preferentially affect the left hemisphere. Music does have more of a general drive to the right hemisphere, but-again-the sum effect is not nearly that linear.

Music that is more low-frequency (nature sounds, slower, bass-ier, minor key) will have more of a drive to the right hemisphere.

I suggest avoiding things with screens and batteries.

Stumbled on this article and find it very interesting. Mirrors something I recently read in a book about the minds of boy and brain development. I'm curious...do music, light and sound type toys fall into the "electronic" category...or is that just tv, video? Should all talking, lighting up, music toys be avoided. Or can music help build up right brain function?

The problem is that most Autistic Spectrum children have a functional brain imbalance--the left side is dominant over the right. The left side LOVES things like computers, video games, flashing lights etc. He desires the stimulus because--really--his brain is "addicted" to that stimuli. A better approach would be to try to calm the left side and increase the function of the right side. Email me if you want more information.

Our 13 year old son, who is autistic, has been showing "addictive" like behaviors to the iTouch/iPhone. We are going to be taking it away from him for a while. It almost seems like he needs his brain to be constantly stimulated. We just found him on it after we had taken it away since we found him playing with it when he was suppose to be sleeping. Now that we have taken it again and hid it in a place he will not find it, he has gone to is electronic rubix cude. Lights, sounds, etc . . . What ideas does anyone have on getting him the brain stimulus he seems to desire but from a source other than "electronic" gizmos.

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