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June 12, 2010


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Dear Dr. Clark,

I have been diagnosed with Hashimoto's over a year ago. But my symptoms have been around since over 11 years ago. At that time, I suddenly went into peri-menopause, got vertigo briefly, and was left with chronic tinnitus. I got on bio-identicals which stopped the hot flashes and insomnia but never addressed the tinnitus. I have all the classic symptoms of hypothyroid also.
Thank you for your article. I do think I have autoimmune inner ear disease. Is there a test to confirm this disease?

Thank you,
Robin White

About 6 months ago I woke up one morning at 4:00 am got up and couldn't walk
I am 66 years old and have been diagnosed with immune deficiency after having pneumonia so much and I started taking immune o glob ins once a month. Whenwhat I thought was a stroke I was rushed to the hospital and was diagnosed with vertigo, we were in a hotel on a trip and I couldn't travel for a week. I went to an ENT doctor when I got home and and was tested and he said that I had central
Vertigo and I have just been dealing with coming and going episodes. I'm really sick right now with confusion and blurred vision I can't even hardly count money much less drive. I have a bad accessed tooth infection I have been on anti-Boris but it's getting worse I do believe my immune systom is off and was wondering should I continuing mt monthly infusions and if this infection in my mouth gotten taken care of might relive my systoms? Please advise!!!!!

Could it be the anterior canal causing the 'front falls' bending over OR bilateral BPPB?

Hello doctor, i have same problem of vertigo since last 9-10 months and all my doctors are fail to diagnose any parhology and i have gone through lots of investigations....
Please help me to find a solution of this problem.

I have rheumatoid arthritis and was told my bppv has nothing to do with my rheumatoid I asked why all my problems started together and he said it was coincident I have always felt all my symptoms were linked in some way.

Hello Dr. Clark,

I have been experiencing symptoms exactly like the woman you've described in your video. I have a molar that I think has gotten infected. Could it be that the infection has been causing the vertigo? Is my vertigo caused by my body trying to fight this possible infection?

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