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March 20, 2009


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Same thing goes for REAL frut juice--it's just too much sugar. The raw whole fruit is the best way to enjoy any fruit. This way, you get all the fiber and other whole food nutrients that are lost when you juice.

Think of it as being like white bread vs. whole wheat bread.

What about real fruit juice?
Motts isnt even real juice even through it says 100 % juice !! read the indgredients , it says apple juice "concentrate"'s%20100%25%20Juices.pdf

This is NOT the same thing as real apple juice such as an apple being pressed through a juice press , or put into a a vitamix whole and blended!!!!
Also be weary of anything that says "natural flavors" there is a loop hole in the law where manufacturers can use the term "natural flavors" to describe mysterious ingredients.. jargon that could stand for a variety of ingredients that are not so good for you.

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